(Note: This is a unedited paste of a post I made on a forum where my photo links were broken. None of the pictures found here at Merly A Whim have been affected. Photob*cket had become so ad-infested that it was rendered damned near unusable, such that when I created this blog, I hosted my pics on another site. Nevertheless, I am pasting my post on the matter here, in the spirit of informing everyone.)

For everyone who enjoyed viewing my work and are disappointed that they can no longer do so, I apologize. The online photo hosting site known as Photobucket no longer supports 3rd party hosting without charging a hefty fee.

I’m not made of money. I cannot pay it.

And neither can I download my pictures from the site, apparently.

Even though the language in their FAQ and Troubleshooting pages assured me I still had access to my photos and could download them, my downloaded pictures opened up blank with the error message stating that the file was broken or corrupted.

Now, I wasn’t so naive as to upload sole originals to the website. I still have the originals off line. HOWEVER, if you state something publicly, if you have it in writing in such a way that one can logically infer and reasonably expect a certain outcome, AND THEN deny that outcome … well, you’ve violated a basic principle of the social contract and quite possibly a point or two of actual law.

I don’t know if Photobucket will face lawsuits due to its decision, but in the light of recent cyberattacks worldwide, “ransomware” is at the forefront of the public mindset and the public would understandably attribute the practice to Photobucket.

Once that happens, litigation will ensue.

I’m not waiting for that particular penny to drop. I’m killing my account now. It was a free account. It cost me nothing to open. It should cost me nothing to delete.

But dammit, it rankles.

It rankles.


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