Three Covers

I love Moleskine Cahier journals. The craft paper covers just invite decoration once you get them home.

I love full-size shipping labels. They are easily found in any office supply store chain and are 8.5″ x 11.0″. And they can cover all but the largest Moleskine Cahier (19 x 25 cm) in one go.

So of course it wasn’t long before I started making digital collages to print on those labels to wrap around my bare-naked Cahiers.

Making the images involve indulging my vices on several levels: browsing my favorite public domain sites online, playing with texture images from my collections, and generally going nuts scrapbooking all the different elements together. Photoshop figures heavily into it, as is making brushes to use.

Suffice to say, I’m rather hooked on making collages. Below are three I made a few years ago. They printed up rather nicely on laser printers at a local office supply store. Once I trimmed the square corners round, they were a perfect fit.
Blue Binoculars
Blue Binocular Gears
Images sourced from The Graphics Fairy, Obsidian Dawn, and (formerly known as CG
Paris Sky, Alternate
Paris Sky, Alt.
This one is an alternate version of an image I made. I thought the line art in black made it too analogous in color scheme overall so I warmed things up by tweaking the line art from black to a warm reddish-brown. The response was overwhelmingly favorable and it was a favorite of the people I showed it to. (Ignore the letterboxing and the dotted guidelines. This was the best image saved in my files.)
Images sourced from The Graphics Fairy, Obsidian Dawn, and (formerly known as CG
Cover 5
Cover 5
I haven’t come up with a name for this one but it was also destined to be a cover label. Of the three, it was the least favorite of the people I showed it to but there’s something about this one I still rather like. I’ve kept it all these years and perhaps I’ll go back and tweak it. Or not. One of the purposes of keeping a portfolio is to preserve your mistakes as well as your successes. It’s hard to judge the level of either without both for comparison. (Despite the unintended letter boxing on this image, I think it could be trimmed down to make a nifty black border. It sets off the warm colors of this collage so well.)
Images sourced from The Graphics Fairy and SDW Haven.
I may do more of these. I’ve been feeling the itch to browse through my files and to refresh my memory of what I already have on hand …

… Of course, if I do that, I might not resurface for days. I have an awful lot of files.


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