A Tablet Reader for SF/NF campaign

As much as I hate tablets because of how their deficiencies have forced changes in the way things are done with all things computer, I have to admit that the future is pretty much going that way. While I don’t think that laptops or desktops will go away entirely, I think that tablets and their accessories will become the device most used. They’re too darned convenient when compared to laptops and much in the way that laptops trump desktops in convenience.

Convenience, it seems, trumps everything.

Even functionality. I’m still waiting for the tablet that will allow me to do everything I do on my laptop. For instance, this very second I am typing on a full keyboard, streaming internet radio, running CS4, using my WACOM Intuos4 graphics tablet, chatting with my friends on Hangouts, pasting text into a Word document and editing it (one of several open on my taskbar), and verifying ownership/authorship of an image on Google+. (More on that in a minute…)

Can a tablet do all that without crashing?

Seriously, can it?

Go check.

It’s okay. I’ll wait.

While I’m waiting, here’s the tablet I scratch-made in Photoshop:


Obviously, I need to finesse the gradient overlays better and sooner or later I will either have to give in and learn Illustrator for the sake of smoother edges on my shapes, or jack up the resolution to 600 dpi.

Now about that pretty picture I slid under the tablet screen …

The photographer is Brian Matiash and you can find this photo on his post to Google+, here.

I want to be absolutely clear: I do not own the photo and by posting an image of it here I am not claiming ownership. I just needed something pretty for the screen image and the green set off the greys and blacks so well. As the picture was labled “Shared Publicly” and it was part of the background slideshow on the Google Hangouts webpage, I thought I could use it as long as I gave credit and didn’t make any money off it. This blog of mine isn’t ad-driven or monetized in any way, so I think I’m in the clear.

Please go and look at Brian Matiash’s photos—they’re all mouthwateringly gorgeous! You can find his website, here.

Software: CS4
Resolution: 300 dpi
Screen Image: Photo Image by Brian Matiash


2 thoughts on “A Tablet Reader for SF/NF campaign

  1. Staff Writer

    The edges of your shapes look fine to me. Are they being drawn as pen drawings / shapes / or as raster elements? If they are vector elements, you may have an option to tweak their antialiasing, like you can with typed text in PS.

    -Mike J.


    1. taimdala

      I drew them in PS using the shape tools. The rectangle, rounded rectangle (10 px radius, I think), and the ellipse shape tools. I free transformed most of the 4 sided shapes instead of deleting and drawing a new shape over and over. In CS4, I can’t right click when using the shape tool and get the option to delete from the pop up menu. Deleting the shape path is done manually from the path panel. Grah. I think the right click while on the art board functionality starts with CS5.I missed it by one release.


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