Oksana’s Quarters, July 2013

Jumping ahead by a significant margin, here is another attempt at game mapping. It was for another sci-fi RPG campaign I was playing in. These are my character’s quarters.

If I were to do this again, I’d brighten up the overall lighting. At the time I thought it looked moody and atmospheric a la Star Trek: The Next Generation. Looking at it now nearly three years later, it just looks dark.

At least I learned my lesson and went large on both the dpi and the size.
Oksana' s Quarters
Created on CS4 Ext.
ResoutionL 300 dpi
Size: 1350 x 1350px
Elements: The furniture, walls, etc. are scratch-built in Photoshop for the picture. A few elements like the area rug, laptop, and the notebook and pencil images were cadged from the internet. The printing ON the notebook pages is a brush from a set made by The Krakograph. When I’ve managed to hunt down the link to the brushes, I’ll update the post and paste it here.

Update: After some rather hard searching, my documentation on the brush set is no longer of any use. The brushes are no longer being offered at brusheezy.com where I originally got them. The website link I pasted to my doc takes me to a site that is no longer active. The brush artist, “the Krakograff”, has also taken down his/her deviantart site, which is a shame because the resources there were simply beautiful.

Such a shame.

Update 2.0:
Of course, it’s obvious that an open toilet holding water is a liability on a spaceship, right? I admit, it didn’t occur to me at the time. I was more interested in getting across the idea that the thing was a toilet and not so much the idea that it was a spaceship-safe toilet. If I were to do this over again, I’d rethink my graphic for it. Live and learn!

Also: I’m jealous of this bathroom. It’s nicer and bigger than mine. Oh well, what else is fiction for, but to indulge a little wish fulfillment?


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