Early Efforts at Game Mapping

Someone was kind enough to leave a comment inquiring about my work. Here are a few of my early efforts at making dungeon map objects, or so they were called when I stumbled across Dundjinni.com, a forum that specialized in making them for fantasy gaming.

(Although would you still call them dungeon map objects if they’re used in a sci-fi setting? I settled on the term “Game Map Objects” but am not entirely convinced it suffices. What say you, gentle readers? What would you call them?)

I’ve a chair, a simple office task chair that I ginned up using a leather swatch I found online. Hideously blown up, of course. At the time, I had barely an idea what dpi was much less what to do with it. 72 dpi seemed as good as any other so when I made this at 200 dpi (OMG 200!), I thought I was really pulling out all the stops.


If only I thought to make it more than 200 pixels on a side.

The leather chair was simply a round selection copied over and oval-selected/cut/pasted and then pillow embossed with the fill set to 0%. That gave me the seams without actually having to see where the pasted selection overlapped. It worked reasonably well. I remember being thrilled to discover the fill and the pillow emboss settings.
Leather Task Chair          Upholstered Couch          Upholstered Chair 
The couch and the upholstered chair are really simple pieces made out of a fabric swatch I found online. Just cut to shape, add a bevel/emboss to it (but play with the contour), and construct it out of the shapes. It’s like Lego bricks, really.

And it shows in places. I did what I could to soften the blow by painting in shadows with a soft diffuse brush, but … They are all very much learning curve pieces.

Next up, I take a stab at making a deck plan with all the fiddly bits I’m fond of: furnishings, textures, and surfaces. Look for the post soon.

Thank you for visiting!

Created in CS4 Extended; 200 dpi; texture swatches cadged from internet


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