Winnowing the Mental Squirrels

I may be complicating this blog too much by having a separate page for my posts AND artwork.

I thought perhaps I would make a blog out of the artwork I produce, given I am likely to post my art with tons of notes and trivia no matter what.

Having a separate page for non-art posts? It’s looking redundant now.

Hmm … how to change things around?

I guess I’ll be futzing with the settings. Here’s hoping I don’t screw it up.
Two minutes later…:
Well. That was easy.
Yay me for not screwing it up!
Ten minutes later…:
And I’m now using the Lovecraft theme instead of Big Brother. I like how it’s organized better, to say nothing of Big Brother’s line spacing. My eyes just didn’t like it.

Also? Lovecraft’s header can accommodate a nice big piece of art! Which I expect I’ll spend my free time today making. 😉



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